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Our people are the difference.

These are the names and the faces. The people who show up in a big way, every day. Working hard and caring hard. For our company. For our clients. For each other. We are a fourth-generation, family-owned company. And while not everyone who works here is a Skilken Gold family member in name, we are undeniably one big family at heart.

“Skilken Gold’s success is grounded in the enduring strength of our client relationships. We build trust. We build loyalty. We work so collaboratively and so transparently with our clients, we consider them part of our team and they consider us part of theirs. This is the critical aspect of ongoing business growth that is the lifeblood of this organization. Spectacular relationships yield long relationships. Some of which span 70 years at SkilkenGold.”
Isaac GoldVice President - Real Estate
“I like to meet people where they are… it's very important to me to understand others, have perspective on my own life and empathize with others.”
Eric ElizondoSr. Vice President - Operations
“The 2016 renovation of the Town and Country (Dayton, OH) shopping center reinforces what Skilken Gold does right—we are forward-looking and innovative, responding to the fast-paced changes in the real estate environment. We’ve owned that shopping center since 1948. Because of the Skilken Gold vision and foresight, it remains a successful property—for our tenants, the community, and for Skilken Gold as owners.”
Tobi Skilken GoldChief Executive Officer

Tobi Skilken Gold

Chief Executive Officer

Ken Gold

Chief Growth Officer

Rob Mason

Chief Financial Officer

Frank R. Petruziello, AIA

President - Development

Eric Elizondo

Sr. Vice President - Operations

Isaac Gold

Vice President - Real Estate

Erin Montgomery

Vice President - Sales & Client Engagement

Cheryl Hooker

Vice President - People & Culture

Brent Lindley

Vice President - Business Operations & Technology

Sarah Skilken Gold

Director of Development

Alison Purdon

Senior Project Manager

Kareem Amr

Project Manager

Beth Cotner

Project Manager

Drew Richlen

Project Manager

Corinne Jones, AICP

Assistant Project Manager

A.J. Scott

Assistant Project Manager

Emily Wheeler

Assistant Project Manager

Don Marschner

Construction Manager

Andy Bartz

Director - Real Estate

Matthew Weymouth

Director - Real Estate

Julie Elker, CPM

Sr. Manager, Property Management

Amy Follrod

Senior Real Estate Coordinator

Lisa "Mack" McCuiston

Property Management Coordinator

Emily Crouch

Real Estate Manager

Martin Fields

Real Estate Manager

Tony King

Real Estate Manager

Emily Waterman

Leasing Manager

Mark Risser

Facilities Operations Supervisor

Bob Wolf

Property Maintenance

Cindy Stygler

Accounts Payable Manager

Scott McCormack

Sr. Manager - Accounting

Drew Janitzki

General Counsel

Debbie Lennington

Executive Assistant

Tiffany Ng

Administrative Assistant

Sue Burger

Accounts Receivable Manager

Dameon McLaurin

Project Accountant