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Meet the Skilken Gold Team: Tyler Maddox (copy)

Meet the Skilken Gold Team: Tyler Maddox

Featured Team Member: Tyler Maddox, Real Estate Manager

We’re not just in the real estate development business, we’re in the relationship building business. Get to know us and why we love what we do.

What role do you play in the overall development process? 

We are an extension of the real estate team to our clients. We understand each client’s story, site criteria, market analysis, and more to formulate a trade area strategy and aggressively pursue the right sites at the right price. We work with our brokers in the area to find successful opportunities to grow our client’s footprint and build strong relationships with each owner/landlord for every transaction. 

How long have you been at Skilken Gold? 

I’m pretty new, with just starting 3 months ago!

What makes Skilken Gold unique in this industry?

Since Skilken Gold has been in the industry for over 100 years, dynamic relationships have been formed with the leading experts in each function of the development process. Our ability to navigate the always changing waters of approvals with municipalities and jurisdictions sets us apart from most developers. 

What is your favorite part of your job?  

My favorite part of the job so far is getting exposure and ownership to a variety of clients and projects. My main responsibility is site acquisition for the Sheetz team in Dayton and Columbus, but I am also working on adding value to our Wendy’s client and our residual land strategy throughout Ohio. 

What do you love about working at Skilken Gold?

After 7+ years on the tenant side, I felt that moving into the development realm of the industry was the best next step in my real estate journey. I have known and admired Skilken Gold since taking a class with Ken Gold as my professor at Fisher College of Business while pursuing my MBA. Skilken Gold gives me the ability to stretch my knowledge outside of site selection and learn everything there is about the complete lifecycle of a deal. 

What do you appreciate most about your team? 

The entire team at Skilken Gold is a melting pot of experience and creative solutions. Their openness to craft ideas to get a deal through the finish line is beyond impressive. 

What’s the biggest factor impacting today’s real estate development?

It’s no surprise that the biggest factor in our industry is the interest rate levels and how they are shaping the lending market and investment sales. For Central Ohio, the macroeconomic challenges put even a tighter strain around the core issue, which is supply.