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In Honor of Women’s History Month, We Celebrate Our President, Tobi Gold


Thanks to Tobi’s vision, ambition and tenacity, Skilken Gold continuously seeks to improve how we serve our clients and the communities we live and work in, while building a strong company culture. She is dedicated to leading meaningful change in communities, with the goal of leaving each one better than we found it.

While growing up, Tobi watched as leadership of the family business transitioned from her grandfather to her father. During the time her father led the company, Tobi worked in the business as a Project Manager. She took time away to pursue other interests and to spearhead the establishment of the Columbus Jewish Day School (CJDS) in New Albany, Ohio. Thanks to Tobi’s leadership and passion, CJDS will complete its 23rd academic year this May, and the day school was voted #1 for best private school in 2019 and 2020, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

In 2010, Tobi returned to Skilken Gold as President. Tobi will be the first to share that it was a network of strong women mentors who supported her during the transition back to the family business. During this time, Tobi realized she could lead this third generation family business to a new level and to a strong hand off to the fourth generation, committed to bringing out the best in each other and an unwavering dedication to the clients we serve. Tobi’s commitment to the business and the community is relentless.